Our team

We are marathon runners, skydivers and record collectors. Hobby chefs, master bakers and pleasure fetishists. Visionaries, realists, lateral thinkers and people of action. We are as diverse as our ideas. And on occasion we travel 37,535 kilometres around the world for our customers. Not only do we have a lot of fun while working, but we also always find the perfect angle for unique brand campaigns.

Immo Eifler

our customers

Our hearts beat for brands – and have been doing so for eight years. We advise 36 brands from 14 different countries with a focus on food & beverage for mid-sized businesses and big companies. Whether for a market launch, a sales promotion or the increase of awareness, we support brands sustainably and purposefully in the areas of cooperation marketing, PR and digital marketing. This is also why our customers have been trusting us with their business for up to eight years.