Our projects

Cooking Cup – Recipe Competition

Germany’s biggest hobby chef-competition by Siemens and Eat Smarter!

Our approach: In 13 exciting preliminary rounds and in one breathtaking finale in Andalusia, Germany‘s best hobby chefs duelled each other on a gourmet level. And this was achieved through a small investment, as we were able to win premium partners, whose services were advantageously exchanged among each other and who were connected through common communication. The achieved benefit for our customers: advertisement, trips and kitchen equipment for zero Euros. A PR campaign, as well as supporting communication and advertisement materials for the sales partners of Siemens, attracted additional attention.

Result: 500 applications, strengthening of distribution relationships, an emotional platform for integrating the products of the partners, as well as relationships and an emotional platform in the field of cooking.

FRoSTA - sustainability campaign

Sustainability Campaign “FRoSTA trip around the world” for FRoSTA, the market leader in frozen food

Our approach: For the “FRoSTA trip around the world” we sent scouts around the world so they could convince themselves of FRoSTA’s sustainable production methods. Consumers could apply to witness the production process of the ingredients in China, Ecuador and Italy first hand and document it on film. Due to the acquisition of a network with 8 partners, FRoSTA paid zero Euros for the trips and the prizes. We advertised the promotion, including a call-to-action, through print ads in wide-coverage media and one EDEKA-trade flyer-campaign. The travel experience was documented in real time.

Result: a maximum of attention with a minimal budget. Additionally, multimedia brand stories were created, FRoSTA could position itself in the field of sustainability and also profited by significant sales impulses.

Akquise Medialeistungen

Milkana – POS Promotion

POS Promotion in order to increase sales for Milkana (Edelweiss GmbH & Co. KG)

Our approach: a creative POS promotion in cooperation with Playmobil. Its core was the accompanying sweepstake, in which consumers could win ten attractive Playmobil play sets on a daily basis via an online-jukebox. The campaign was advertised nationwide at the POS with on-pack stickers on 7.6 million packings and 4,000 displays.

Result: The investment for 1.638 play sets by Playmobil? Zero Euros! Thanks to our proficiency in bartering, this was not the only thing that came for free: For the accompanying advertisements in the magazine "Familie & Co.“ worth of 50,000 Euro, Milkana did not have to pay one cent. On top of this, the promotion with 700,000 participants yielded a significant increase in sales and an extra portion of attention.