our projects

Little Miracles – Blogger Relations

Launch of Little Miracles, the organic wellness-drink from Denmark

Our approach: a brilliant debut on an international stage through a blogger event at the Berlin Fashion Week 2015. For a maximum of attention from young and trendy women, we exclusively invited the nation’s top fashion bloggers in cooperation with the fashion label EWA HERZOG from Berlin. During the show they, together with prominent fashionistas, could get to know Little Miracles first hand. An extra potion of attention was created through accompanying press relations, social media support and sweepstakes.

Result: Thus, in no time we positioned Little Miracles as a lifestyle brand, established new contacts to trendy opinion leaders and reached 61,370 contacts – on Instagram and on one day alone.

Isostar – social media Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Isostar, Europe’s leading producer of sports nutrition

Our approach: Starting from a tailor-made content strategy, we’ve created a unique brand environment. We tell creative stories developing around the topics sports, motivation and the right nutrition and accentuate this through an emotional imagery. Also, our fans are informed about events, products as well as news – always with a real benefit. And the most important thing is: We create a constant dialogue.

Result: A unique brand presence with a high recognition value and fans who exchange with us more often than average. We thus not only enthuse more and more people for Isostar every day, but also support sales positively.

Start: March 2015

Marabou - Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing for the Swedish chocolate brand Marabou

Our approach: We may not be able to hand you any actual caramelised chocolate-moments through the screen. But we can give you the feeling that enjoying Marabou evokes: cosiness, spending time with the family, the faint memory of Sweden. With emotional stories and a unique imagery, combined with attractive sweepstakes and strategic display marketing, we enthuse more and more people for Marabou on a daily basis and widen the reach for our offline campaigns many times over.

Result: Within only one month, we were able to enthuse 1,000 fans for Marabou and its promotions, thus turning them into brand ambassadors.

Start: August 2015